Suite 1, 17-19 Mooramba Rd 
Dee Why  NSW 2099
ABN 12 605 138 243
Ph:  (02) 9982 1773

The Dyslexia Support and Learning Centre is dedicated 
to helping anyone with literacy difficulties.

  • Multi-Sensory Structured Language (MSL) sessions (Orton-Gillingham Approach) 
  • We use a range of evidence based, multi-sensory strategies and resources.
  • Individualised programs are created for each student which is explicit, direct, cumulative and focuses on the structure of language (structured literacy) and follows the science of learning.
  • Our session's are fun, positive with a focus on praise to build confidence. 
  • We teach our students to touch type and use Assistive Technology where applicable
  • Phone Consultations for parents are available on request.

Resources utilised are evidence-based and decodable readers including; 
Nessy, Word Shark, Toe by Toe, Alpha to Omega, Explode the Code, Megawords, Writing Skills, The Writing Rope and Writing Matters.