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What is Dyslexia?
Dyslexia simply means 'difficulty with words' but there are many useful definitions and indicators of Dyslexia; a few of these are outlined below.

If you have any questions or think a loved one may be dyslexic or would like any assistance or an informal assessment, please contact us.

British Dyslexia Association: 

Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Difficulty (or SpLD) which affects the way information is learned and processed. They are neurological (rather than psychological), usually run in families and occur independently of intelligence. They can have significant impact on education and learning and on the acquisition of literacy skills.
Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW:

A useful working definition is:

An unexpected difficulty in acquiring basic skills, despite adequate opportunity for learning and ability appropriate strengths in other areas

In other words, a child seems slow to develop reading, writing, spelling and/or number even though:

        - They have been taught in a way that was worked for others
        - They are as good as others of the same age at many things

Dyslexia is also known as one of the “specific learning difficulties” which can prevent children from learning at an ability appropriate level.

So at home a dyslexic child:

        - often understands all sorts of complicated ideas    
        - can explain them effectively
        - very rarely puts them down on paper

In school they may:

        - demonstrate understanding of the topic and/or concept during group work etc
        - displays unexpected problems when it comes to getting ideas down on paper
        - spend hours learning the words either to forget them as soon as the test starts
        - manage to remember the words for the actual test but spell them incorrectly when writing
          - homework tasks like learning for tests or worksheets may take disproportionate length                of time in relation to the successes achieved