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The Dyslexia Learning & Support Centre has had some fantastic results with all students improving their literacy skills, reading ages and confidence during their time with us, many significantly.

Here is some feedback from a number of carers of children that have spent time with us recently (names of students have been changed for security):

Sandy, Forestville, April 2015
We had concerns about our son’s literacy development after a difficult first year at school. A friend recommended Ron to us, and our son started the IDL program with him just over 12 months ago. The development we have seen in 12 months has been remarkable. His reading and spelling ages have increased by more than 3 years. He has gone from virtually not reading at all to reading short novels and is flying through his reading levels at school. Our son loved his sessions with Ron. Ron’s ability do such important work with his students, whilst still making the sessions fun and enjoyable is such a valuable skill. I will be in touch for some refresher classes next school holidays.

Melita, Bilgola, June 2014
My daughter Jane has been doing the IDL program with Ron over the past 2 years. After many false starts with programs promising quick fixes, that were time intensive, difficult or "boring", IDL has provided a positive, achievable, self-paced, multi-sensory program that has allowed Jane to make steady progress and close the gap between her literacy skills and that of her peers. She now performs at an age appropriate level in many areas and continues to make gains despite being profoundly dyslexic. Jane's improved literacy has allowed her to perform better academically across the board and she has become much more confident socially. Ron has demonstrated a great knowledge of and passion for literacy development, a generous and honest approach and the patience of a saint! 

Louise. Forestville. June 2014
My dyslexic, 13 year old son has been attending sessions at IDL for 18 months now. It has made it possible for him to now type all his own assignments which he could never do before as his typing was so slow. His handwritten work has also improved – I can now read what he writes! It also says a lot that he doesn’t mind attending the sessions and when I recently suggested he might want to take a break from it for a term, he said ‘But I know it helps me’.

Joanne. Collaroy Plateau, June 2014 
'Tim is 8 and was diagnosed with dyslexia approximately 2 years ago. Tim started out with a speech therapist but did not enjoy going and many time cried asking not to go. I had to find another option to help him as he was falling further behind in class. We were recommended by a friend to see Ron at IDL Dee Why, and we have not looked back. Tim loves his 2 classes each week as Ron makes it fun for him to learn. Tim's reading, spelling and confidence has increased immensely since starting at IDL.

Hayley, Mona Vale, June 2014
IDL tutoring with Ron has been a blessing for my son. Tom, 12, has been working with Ron since March 2013. Tom has struggled greatly with reading and spelling all his life. He has always had a very extensive vocabulary, but been unable to express himself in writing. Tom had tried years of tutoring programs, and specialised programs at Macquarie Uni. Occasionally he made a small amount of progress. Often he regressed. Tom was unable to keep up with his classmates in other subjects like maths because he could not read the questions. Tom had sat at a reading age of 7 for four years until last year when he began IDL. Tom now has a reading age of 10 years and 9 months, and a spelling age of 9 years. 

School has changed for Tom immensely. He is now able to work with his friends and keep pace. His love of learning and thirsty for knowledge has been nurtured and protected by Ron's insightful teaching. The IDL program itself is wonderful; I could see after doing a few demos myself on the website that it would be suited to Tom. However, the reason it works so beautifully for my son is because Ron brings a compassionate, firm guidance to each session. Ron is very perceptive and it took him only a few sessions to have a great insight into Tom's temperament, personality, and learning style.

We will be on the IDL journey for a while longer, and I feel so lucky that I found this system for my son. Ron and Tom have built a productive, dynamic teacher/student relationship which, paired with the effectiveness of the IDL model has been a stand out success for Tom.