Suite 1, 17-19 Mooramba Rd 
Dee Why  NSW 2099
ABN 12 605 138 243
Ph:  (02) 9982 1773
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes approx 40 mins using standardised tests, to establish a student's reading and spelling ability to indicating a suitable starting point. The consultation is carried out in a friendly and informal manner. 

During this time, we will also demonstrate the programs we utilise, answer any questions you have to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to book your child in with our centre. 

Tuition Fees
NEW RATES as at 23 July 2018 (Term 3)

Initial consultation: $88 

IDL Sessions: $80 per session

One on One sessions: $88 per session

Multi Sensory Language Sessions: $92 per session
We need to emphasise that our role is to help students and adults with reading and spelling difficulties. 

We are experienced and fully qualified to teach and give expert support and guidance for students and their families with literacy challenges.​

MSL (Multi Sensory Structured Language) Sessions are based on the Orton Gillingham approach. The O-G approach is specifically designed to enable students to understand the symbols of language and was developed to meet the needs of students that were unresponsive to traditional methods of teaching in terms of literacy development. It involves the basis tenet of Multi sensory teaching (MSL), that is the simultaneous involvement of the visual - auditory - kinesthetic - tactile channels using a highly structured sequence and format.