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About The Dyslexia Support and Learning Centre
Dyslexia Support and Learning Centre was established in 2010 in a small office in Dee Why as a family business and still remains so. We are Accredited Tutors, registered tutors for SPELD NSW and registered members of the Australian Tutoring Association and the Australian Dyslexia Association.

Ron James - Founder
BA, Cert Ed, Cert and Diploma Specific Learning Difficulties (UK).
Working with children check WWC0284313E.
Ron has been a teacher in primary schools for 37 years. He has been class teacher through to Principal across his long career in education. He started his career teaching in the UK and then decided to travel and taught in a number of International Schools around the world including Germany (6 yrs), Hong Kong (22 yrs) and Cyprus (2 yrs).
Ron attempted to retire 2003, but soon got bored and the pull to help children improve their literacy skills was too great. He started The Dyslexia Support and Learning Centre (originally Dee Why IDL) in 2010 and has been helping kids improve their reading, confidence  and well being for the last 8 years.
Registered Member
Australian Tutoring
Felicity James
Cert Ed (UK)  Working with children check   WWC0519005E
Felicity is a qualified UK Secondary School teacher and has been teaching for 30 years. She has been a Class Teacher, Head of Department and Head of Years 7 & 8 in an International school in Hong Kong. 
Felicity has been supporting Ron and assisting with teaching in the centre since it opened in 2010.
Registered Tutor
NSW Specific Learning
Difficulties Association
Emma Piesse - Director
BSc (Hons) Behavioural Science, MSL Specialist Educator (AMADA) OG Maths
Working with children check WWC1019853E.
Emma grew up in Hong Kong and then completed her psychology degree at Nottingham University in Behavioural Science in the UK. Emma went on to a have a corporate career for the next 15 years. When the opportunity arose to work with her father, Ron, in 2014 and make a significant impact on the community, she jumped at the chance! Emma now the Director of the Dyslexia Support and Learning Centre Pty Ltd. She is an MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) therapist trained through and is an Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association. Emma consults widely with local schools, advocates for our students and offers advice to parents based on the latest research. She also trains parents and students in the use of Assitive Techonology to maximise children's academic potential. 
Fiona Bateson
Master of Teaching, University of Sydney, BA (Hons) Modern Languages
Working with children check WWC0719802E
Fiona moved to Australia from England in 2004, following a career in events management and investment banking. She decided to follow her passion for working with children and trained as a primary school teacher at the University of Sydney. After working in various primary schools in the Inner West, she discovered her preference for teaching children with learning challenges. Fiona joined the DSLC team in March 2017. She is an MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) therapist trained through and is an Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association.   
Jane Ravenscroft
Postgraduate Certificate in Education, BA (Hons) German (University College London)
Working with Children Check: WWCC0513382E
After an initial career in scientific grants administration, Jane decided to follow her heart and retrain as a primary school teacher. She enjoyed working as a Class Teacher and Learning Support Coordinator in London, discovering her passion for helping students with learning difficulties. Since coming to live in Australia in 2002 and having children of her own, Jane has continued to focus on teaching students with literacy difficulties, both in public schools and other settings She is very excited to be able to join the DSLC team and continue to help improve children’s literacy skills with the wonderful research-based programs available.  Jane is an MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) therapist trained through and is an Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association. 
Vicki Chow - 
BA Hons (Communication Theory). Working with Children Check WWC0910332E
Born in the UK, Vicki moved to Australia in 2005 continuing a career in corporate governance. She first became interested in speech and literacy after working with her daughter who was diagnosed with a speech delay at an early age. This interest was further developed after assisting with class reading groups at her local primary school on a regular basis. Vicki and her family decided to travel around Australia for an extended time which involved home schooling. This experience really ignited a passion for teaching and has led to a decision to retrain and assist children with learning challenges. Vicki is an MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) therapist trained through and is an Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association.